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Slowthai drops ‘Thoughts’ after collaborating with Gorillaz, James Blake and Aminé

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist; Crowns & Owls

Slowthai, the twenty-six-year-old artist from the United Kingdom, just released what might be one of the hardest raps I’ve heard in a while. The execution and delivery of this track is beautiful. Slowthai is an artist that I have heard on tracks with Aminé, James Blake, and Gorillaz. ‘Thoughts’ is two and a half minutes of this man absolutely killing this track. If you enjoy rap, like real rap, like you have said “I wish rappers still rapped…”, then this is going to be a fun song to listen to. This song is exciting to listen to, even if you’re not an old head Hip-Hop fan. This song is just so great! Listen here now!


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