Photo: Courtesy of the artists

The Shyp return with heartbreak Blues record ‘The Fix’: Listen

Broken hearts are difficult to bounce back from, but they don’t have to be the end.


The Shyp
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

During the last week of April, the exciting Canadian Blues band released a heartfelt composition that encapsulates the group’s signature slow lyrical delivery. Depending on how old or experienced you are, you’ve probably experienced a heartbreak. Some people cry for days or weeks. Others don’t leave the house unless they have to go to work. Another small group of people will take the pain that they feel, work out at the gym, and transfer that energy into something positive. Being dumped or let-down is a human experience we will all come to experience, which brings me to the “crazy” of love. Some of us become codependent, losing our independence when in relationships. Others form like Voltron to dominate whichever space they frequent.

Shyp is one of those bands that makes the sort of music you would like to hear, all at once, at a packed music venue. Listen to ‘The Fix’. It is a record that seems to talk about what it feels like to pour rubbing alcohol into an open wound. Broken hearts are difficult to bounce back from, but they don’t have to be the end.



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