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Watch Sevdaliza’s short film: The Formula

When I watched her short story (‘The Formula’), I couldn’t help but think about all of the techniques I learned in art school.



head of her debut Australian tour, Sevdaliza decided to release a new single called, “Mad Woman” from her short film: The Formula. In natural superwoman order, the Iranian-Dutch creative starred, directed, and produced the film. We haven’t seen her in a performance setting yet, but we are almost sure she’s a blast in person. We can only imagine what types of props and tricks the audiovisual genius has in store for her Australian fans.


Photo: Bethany Vargas

When I watched her short story, I couldn’t help but think about all of the techniques I learned in art school. The fundamentals and concepts of communication are detrimental to how a message conveys—whether it is traditional or unconventional in delivery. Yes, art is left up to the audience to interpret, but there are some things we as artists want to make apparent. From what my brain gathered, Sevdaliza’s storyline shows male vulnerability, companionship, female strength, selfishness, self-awareness, tragedy, and love in an unusual way. It is not in my nature to spoil the ending for you. However, I think what happens at the end is more about how she felt about herself. It had very little to do with what she felt about her partner. Nor did it have to do with how he felt about her.

When she didn’t answer the phone, I knew something was wrong. I felt it within my chest. The night before, something odd happened in the backyard of their home. I won’t get into details, but her oneness, or her wanting to be one with the earth and what chose to put on the blank canvas, reminded me of my favourite artist, Ana Mendieta. For any readers who aren’t well-versed in Fine Art/Modern Art, the transformative multidisciplinary Cuban-American artist is known for her “earth-body” artwork. You may or may not pick it up, but it is my point of reference and why I wanted to support.

Have a look at “The Formula”, the fifteen-minute film, which features three tracks (The Formula, The Language of Limbo, and Mad Woman) by the artist.


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