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Hear Warbly Jets newest single Ride from their self-titled debut album

Had “Ride” been released in late Spring, it could easily have been the Song of the Summer.

Had Warbly Jets’ “Ride” been released in late Spring, it could easily have been the Song of the Summer.



he Warbly Jets are one of those infectious bands that comes along every few years and puts good old Rock ‘n’ Roll back on the mainstream radar. With their renegade attitude and boisterous ballads, the Warbly Jets bring energy back into a space that can often feel dull and repetitive. It is integral to the band’s sound: Blending rawer, punk aspects of their music with a synth-heavy psychedelic overtone, that helps to smooth out the rough edges so typical of Punk Rock.

One of these so-called “rough edges” in Punk Rock, is the bare bones approach the production. The Warbly Jets opted out of it. Instead, they choose to spend a lot more time churning over their mix to make sure it has all the sonic qualities they’re looking for, and that each aspect of their sound is balanced perfectly.

It is this attention to detail that gives their latest single, “Ride” its power. This song fills me with courage as I listen to it. It reminds me of a movie soundtrack. It’s the song that plays as the protagonist finally decides to take the risk that will propel them into the plot’s climax.

Warbly Jets
Photo: Jason Latham

Had “Ride” been released in late Spring, it could easily have been the Song of the Summer. It has such an invigorating melody. You can’t help, but want to get it stuck in your head. The constant pounding of the snare drum keeps you entranced, as the guitar sweeps you away into an ephemeral bliss. As the song draws to an end, my heart begins to sink, and all I can think of is how daunting the void of silence will be when it’s over. And so, I play it again.

The Warbly Jets are musical geniuses. They have masterfully constructed a sound and style that fit together seamlessly; Filling a crack in the mighty watchtower of Rock ‘n’ Roll. With a chemistry like that, you’re sure to be seeing them around. The real question is: Will you ever be able to turn them off?

Words by Oliver Manifest



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