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Relax yourself with Los Angeles singer Mini Trees’ mellow track ‘Honestly’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Named after an obsession with miniature things, Mini Trees is the brainchild and moniker of Los Angeles-based drummer and indie artist, Lexi Vega. Vega emerged as an artist for the first time after playing the drums around LA’s indie music scene for several years. After forming Mini Trees in 2018 and releasing her first single, ‘Take it Back’; unveiling her taste for lyrics and melody, Vega has released several tracks and an EP. Mini Trees is back with more alternative gems with her newest release ‘Honestly’ off her latest EP ‘Slip Away’.

The track kicks off with a hip guitar, drum and bassline melody which is then quickly joined by Vega’s soft and emotive toned vocals. The fresh solids and percussion pairs beautifully with her emotionally reflective lyrics. ‘Honestly’ is a fresh and soft track that sends listeners to calm state.


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