Twitter would call Katie MAC toxic if it heard ‘No Fun’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Country and Pop come together in Katie MAC’s video for ‘No Fun’. The video starts with Katie MAC, and I guess some beaus behind her sitting on hay bales. The video and song seem to begin with Katie MAC trying to navigate her ‘situationship’ then, it looks like she chooses a suitor after she throws her cowgirl hat in the air. I guess the symbolism of choosing her suitor and maybe accepting the relationship is both of them covered in white paint? The song is charming and fun being about enjoying the complexities of relationships.

I am looking forward to seeing the success of this song because I think it is a refreshing sound of Country-infused Pop in the year of Our Lord 2020. I just wished the video made a bit more sense, but then again, I guess that is no fun.

Written by Manny King John

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