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Premiere: Nigerian producer IceBeatChillz unveils acoustic version of hit single ‘Area’

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Taking an already chill and fun single and reinvigorating it without stripping its essence is a tough feat, but one that Nigerian producer IceBeatChillz undertakes with ease. The single ‘Area’ was already doing quite well and popular with fans, equipped with a legendary verse from the beloved Beenie Man, but the acoustic revamp adds an additional sexy element to the tune. The artist says this of the new single:

Turning ‘Area’ into this new laidback mood wasn’t the plan at first, but when I started playing the guitar, and then the keyboard, I could feel my own music in a way I didn’t when I was first recording. Expressing the lyrics this way just felt more romantic, more solemn, like a longing for love and I was just smiling the whole way.

Check out both versions, the acoustic here, and the original via this link.


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