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GRUNGECAKE team stops by SoundCloud’s New York HQ with GRAMMY U mentee

Photos: Frank Morales for GRUNGECAKEGRAMMY U mentee Aryana, Richardine Bartee, CEO of GRUNGECAKE/GRUNGECAKE Records and Albert, artist relations at SoundCloud

In February, the GRUNGECAKE team stopped by SoundCloud’s with Recording Academy’s GRAMMY U mentee Aryana. There, she had the opportunity to speak with Albert, also known as AC. AC on this visit, shared with Aryana a little about himself, his previous work with Def Jam, and his role at SoundCloud.

GRAMMY U mentee Aryana

The conversation covered a range of topics, including artist development, playlisting, and ways to monetize music on SoundCloud. Aryana, a developing artist, had the opportunity to play some of her original music for those in the room.

Aryana also had the opportunity to meet and take a picture with Phantogram, who happened to be in the building that day.

Brandon Wint, contributor at GRUNGECAKE
Frank Morales, photographer and contributor at GRUNGECAKE
GRAMMY U mentee Aryana and Richardine Bartee, CEO of GRUNGECAKE/GRUNGECAKE Records


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