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Listen to British-Ghanaian artist Eugy’s new Summer banger ‘Sweetie Pie’


A moogy bass introduction ushers us into Eugy‘s latest record, ‘Sweetie Pie’. The gifted British-Ghanaian serves us with more than fifty ways to woo a beautiful woman, doing this in a tuneful manner. Thank you, Eugy! ‘Sweetie Pie’ is deftly crafted, intentionally crammed with rhymes, a technique unique to Eugy. By drowning all elements in Reverb, the ‘Dance For Me’ hitmaker creates a dreamy, alluring atmosphere that marries well with the sexual theme of the record.

Written by Mufaro "Forbes" Mujuru

I am passionate about African music, the business, and expanding markets behind it. I write bits about it on GRUNGECAKE. I am also the founder of Big Soko Music Group Ltd and the head behind Commune Curate.

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