Dem Boyz FTW’s “Eventually You Win,” Reviewed

Dem Boyz FTW's mixtape cover art

Dem Boyz FTW released their debut mixtape, “Eventually You Win” last week with Cipha Sounds & DJ Drewski. Dem Boyz From The Wood is comprised of four Queens’ artists: Yawnyell, Adonis, Richie Lo, and Suspect Jay.

E.Y.W. is a compilation of old school beats with a fresh and modern twist from the boys. Each artist speaks on their personal experiences in life instead of fabricating a lifestyle that doesn’t exist,

“You can trace my songs back / I’ve never lied to the people / If I said it then I meant it.”

The first record on the school-themed mixtape is called “Grind,” which starts off with the boys joking around and turns into an authentic cypher. The introduction is creative because the Clipse’s “Grind” beat was re-created by the boys and later, the original beat was added to the track. Some of the content on E.Y.W. includes school experiences, the process of making their music, and their daily personal challenges.

“And everything that I can’t have feels like everything that I need.”

The mixtape truly showcases the group’s flow and rhyme capabilities. The theme and deep lyrics are sure to impact some of the notables in the industry.


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