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BVNGS shares chill new video for “$WAG”, announces EP release date

BVNGS is back with some visuals for her latest joint “$WAG.”



familiar face to the GRUNGECAKE, Rochester, New York rapper-singer and songwriter BVNGS is back with some visuals for her latest joint called, “$WAG.” Gold grill included, BVNGS shows off her swag all throughout the video. This dark and trippy video has her cruising through the Upstate, New York streets; posting up on the corner with her entourage. Without a doubt, the stylish musician has swag and so does her posse. Personally, I think this video does an excellent job of showing her high confidence level. Even at night, the talented one shines.

Another interesting point to this video is that it has nostalgic feels of your classic 90’s New York Hip-Hop video with bodega walkthroughs and shots of the posse posted up on the block.

Photo: Jeffrey Chambers

Editor’s note: During her interview with Taylor Dall over at Emcee Network, she shared what age she began making music. In the interview, she also described her sound. Read more about the inspiration behind “SWAG” and her forthcoming EP titled, “N/A.” December 4 is the tentative release date.


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