Suzi Analogue
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Suzi Analogue, in the mix with Serato Sample: Watch

Watch Serato Sample’s ‘Remix Workshop’ with Suzi Analogue below.



uzi Analogue, the world-renowned producer, DJ, artist and music instructor, has the inside scoop for the new Serato Sample. Suzi Analogue explains why Serato Sample is fun to use, how it gives quick access to the different types of sounds, and patterns for “on-the-go” or in-studio producers, worldwide. Whether we are in the clubs or listening to songs on the radio, we do not understand the foundation of work that goes into the music we hear today. Pre-production is important.

Suzi Analogue

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Suzi Analogue hopes fellow producers will utilize loops and textures to enhance the sound quality. Modern records are connected to sampling so, producers, engineers, and disc jockeys are always in the lab, looking for that next hit for listeners to enjoy. I would recommend seeing the video by Suzi Analogue. Yes, remixing is a smart way for new fans to get familiar with your sound. Suzi uses the virtual studio technology (VST), which is also capable with the Ableton sampler, which is a simple way to upload your favourite vocals from your favourite musicians. Before you head out, watch the full video. Then, watch the interview after.


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