Watch: Samsaya’s “Good With The Bad”

Andrew Paynter

Samsaya mergers her international influences with a contemporary spin in “Good with the Bad.” Directed by Samsaya and Cyan Meeks, this video is filled with bold motion graphics and watercolor palettes. As an artist, lyrics and melodies are essential to the overall tone of the work. Inspired by the idea of being stuck in the “grey zone” finding your purpose can be a challenge in itself. Taking the time to comprehend what’s currently existing, self-reflection becomes the key. Acknowledging that happy state rather than settling for less, you learn to accept all that’s coming your way and the growth that will stem from the journey.

I do it Monday morning, I really need to think it straight
I’m done being stressed about decisions I need to make
Want a change of pace from fighting the grey every day
But you know what they say
When you’re up, you don’t look down
And when you’re down, you wanna come around
An emotional roller coaster straight to the ground
I take the good with the bad, the good with the bad
Don’t wanna let my life pass away
I take the good with the bad, don’t wanna be sad
Tomorrow’s not today
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Released this past April, her debut album “Bombay Calling”, features songs like “Stereotype“ and “Beginning at the End” that will also spark concepts of identity.

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Written by Manny King John

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