Watch: Palisades’ “No Chaser”

Electronicore Rock band Palisades takes you into an uber intoxicating, live house party with their video for “No Chaser”. Just like a true-to-life, bangin’ ass house party, you never know what you’ll find around the corner with this track. Mashing up several genres into one song, the New Jersey act keeps listeners guessing and entertained with the amount of audiences they cater to. Primarily following lead vocalist Louis Micelli, we get to fall into a drunken stupor with the band member. Vicariously, that is. Sharing alcohol-induced confessions about a love that can’t be admitted to while sober, the Rock-Trap mashed up, Mind Games song is the epitome of a drunk text. Throwing in some unexpectant soul with a vocals breakdown from guitarist Xavier Adames, we get one last show of genre-bending before seeing our way out of the party. Exiting the dizzying video, viewers get to see Micelli transition into hangover mode as the regret and loneliness that comes from a long night settles in.


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Written by Manny King John

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