Song of the Day: “Same Same” by WAAX

Photo: Courtesy of the band

WAAX depicts what it’s like to “routine” in the video for “Same Same.”


Name: WAAX
Representing: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Genre: Alternative/Indie
For fans of: Ecca Vandal, I Know Leopard
Single from: Wild and Weak EP
Produced by: WAAX
Song of the Day: June 23, 2017
Label(s): Unsigned

Photo: Courtesy of the band


mean, really. Do you hear how the guitar and drum roar at the beginning of this record? What an exciting opening. In an apartment that looks like it is from the Urban Outfitters home catalog, WAAX singer, Maz, runs the same routine.

As the scenes progress, she doesn’t appear to be complacent with the repeated activities. However, in reality, a lot of humans are fine. I pray I don’t ever walk the same path. Especially, if it means I might look as miserable as she does. Watch the well-directed video below to get to know the Australian band’s sound. Then, check out their new EP: Wild and Weak.

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WAAX is not for the weak-minded. Yet here the Brisbane five-piece stands, emotions on the sleeve with a second EP entitled WILD & WEAK. It’s a collection of five songs – effortlessly their strongest yet – that powerhouse frontwoman Marie DeVita confesses is exploring the internal for the first time. It is the result of an intrinsically cathartic process.

“Our first EP was a lot more external – so, it felt like the next evolutive step to explore my inner workings and coincidentally a timely post-traumatic deep-hole started forming within me. These songs are a step by step documentation of what I went through – the steps of finding peace with my past,” she says.

Those steps, they’re all there:

Step 1. The Denial (‘Wild & Weak’)
Step 2. The Disorientation (‘This Everything’)
Step 3. The Pattern (‘Same Same’)
Step 4. The Discussion ‘(Nothing Is Always’)
Step 5. The Acceptance (‘You Wouldn’t Believe’)

Even the cover art contributes. With each track, the band has offered something of an artistic jigsaw piece with the single art. Those pieces combine to form the cover for the EP – a picture of a lifeline phone near the Story Bridge in Fortitude Valley. It represents and is a lifeline in every sense. It’s a way out.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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