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The Breakr Brunch: Learning about the app that connects musicians to music pushers

Photos: Sade Wilkins, courtesy of Breaker

GRUNGECAKE received a nice introduction to upstart [Music] Breakr this past All-Star weekend with a brunch inviting movers and shakers in Atlanta. Breakr is an app that allows artists to connect with DJs and influencers to create digital campaigns for their music. Founded by FAMU’s finest, the interface brings a sense of security to the Wild Wild West of influencer marketing. No more empty promises from influencers or [un]paid promises from artists-ain’t no running off on either side. Think Fiverr, but plug in musicians and social’s burgeoning stars to ensure that both parties are satisfied. This app will give emerging artists and micro influencers the fighting chance they need in such a crowded marketplace.

Hosted at Domaine–the former Opera building in Midtown–we were met with warm smiles and a thoroughly organized event team. The tables were dressed with holographic headphones and music notes accompanied with a delectable menu on each plate. Remy Martin kept glasses flowing all afternoon. Abe Hyde, who is easily one of my favorite DJs in the city, kept the spirits high. He added a personal warmth to every song played. The energy was radiant. It was genuinely nice to see the founders enjoying their event—hitting the “Junebug” with the crowd. The air was very congratulatory, and it should be.

Too often, black influencers are shortchanged while their impact leaves these indelible marks in culture. Seeing start-ups your age and color does something for the soul. We, at GRUNGECAKE, take great delight in championing an app that isn’t taking advantage of the collective, but advocating for it.

Inventor quote: Breakr’s entire purpose is to make the interaction between artists promoting their music and content creators seamless, transparent and most importantly, authentic! We put music discovery at the forefront of our app to ensure the music resounds with the content creators before transactions are in the picture. Our secure escrow and campaign validation systems are the cherry on top – Ameer Brown, (Inventor)

Words by Sade Wilkins

Written by Manny King John

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