Nigerian artist Ruffcoin calls on the money gods for ‘Where Una Dey See This Money’: Stream

He is on the hunt to find the money.

As most of us have learned through personal experiences, wealth and riches come with their own set of problems. It doesn’t stop us from wanting more of it, nonetheless, and that’s what Ruffcoin’s new track ‘Where Una Dey See This Money’ conveys. The young Nigerian artist details the loss we’ve all endured due to COVID-19. Thus, he is on the hunt to find the money. We hope he gets to the bag.

Money will help you pay your bills and allot you things you wouldn’t usually have access to, but it does come with significant responsibilities. Let us also start singing about God’s blessing to maintain all of the riches we obtain in our lifetimes. Check out the Jagabantu production.

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