NLE Choppa returns with self-directed video for ‘Mmm Hmm’: NSFW

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Today, famous Memphis rapper NLE Choppa shares the self-directed visual for ‘Mmm Hmm’, already at 424,631 views. Kicking the video off from a clear port for his ride in a private jet, he’s seen enjoying his success by spending quality time with family and friends. Next, he’s seen driving in an expensive car (Lamborgini), and in the next frame, his surroundings change up. He’s back in the South, perhaps, where he grew up, riding dirt bikes. During the second verse, things get a wee x-rated when he’s dressed as a doctor ready to perform cosmetic surgery on his leading lady’s body. If you want to get into NLE Choppa’s head, watch the music video below.

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