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G Perico serves classic West Coast Gangsta Rap on “All Blue:” Review

G Perico keeps it all the way Cali with his sound and beat selection.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
G Perico
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

If you were wondering, G Perico makes classic West Coast Gangsta Rap music. As soon as I heard the single “Right Now,” from his most recent project All Blue, I couldn’t help but feel like I was back in LA. I got a chance to skim through the thirteen-track album which had guest appearances by Sonny Digital and Polyester. At first, I couldn’t identify a distinct separation from the typical West Coast sound.

Watch the video for “Right Now” below.

After listening to a few times, I heard the quality in his recordings accompanied by the quality of his videos. It’s a plus. If I had to choose, my top records would be the openers. The LA rapper starts off strong with “Power” and “All Blue.” First off, the intro to “Power” is crazy. If my ears serve me correctly, the synths on the record are inspired by an early DJ Quik/Suga Free production. It sounds as if his producer Westside Webb found a long lost plugin.

The title track is a depiction of Cali life through the eyes of the B’s n C’s. I think Perico might have a dope ass story record in him that I look forward to hearing. (Hint, hint) I also peeped out an AD record “Crip Lives Matter,” which featured Sorry Jaynari and G Perico. Brodie did his thang on that joint.

G Perico's "All Blue" album cover art
G Perico’s “All Blue” album cover art

[He] got me thinking dude might be a monster feature artist. The album cover symbolizes the “C” life, as only Cali can do. With his hair in rollers, dude looks like he’s straight out of the Eazy-E era. Delivering lyrics that seamlessly give a bird’s eye view of what Crippin’ is really about.

I feel like the lyrical content could use some work. However, Perico has found a sound and his niche, which is a key step to music that a lot of artists have yet to master. Do your thang bro bro. I see you. No pun intended.

* laughs *

Words by KO Spectates


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