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‘Crazy Rich Asians’, reviewed


Crazy Rich Asians
Photo: Courtesy of the official movie gallery

Crazy Rich Asians is a contemporary romantic movie and one of the most highly rated at 123moviespower website. It is a comedy based on one of the world’s best-sellers by Kevin Kwan. The movie was created five years after the novel was published. This beautifully woven story is and it’s about Rachel Chu from New York who follows her boyfriend to Singapore. Nick Young is going home to attend his best friend’s wedding.

To her surprise, Nick is from a rich family and above all, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Though initially she was excited to meet his family, she is not ready because Nick had not mentioned who he was. There are many key details about him that she doesn’t know. The guy is the only scion of a wealthy family and being his girlfriend, she becomes a target of jealous socialites. Nick’s mother does not spare her either and it’s the beginning of a big battle with money and love complicating everything.

About the cast

The role of Rachel Chu is played by Constance Wu. In the movie, she is an economics professor in love with Nick Young, a role played by Henry Golding. He is from a crazily wealthy family but does not find it important to mention that to his girlfriend. Eleanor (Nick’s mother) role is by Michelle Yeoh and Gemma Chan is Nick’s cousin called Astrid. Apart from Henry Golding who is a newcomer, the others are movie stars including Harry Shum Jr who plays Charlie, an ex to Astrid, Rachel’s college best friend is Awkwafina, known as Peik Lin in the movie and she happens to be living in Singapore. Rachels best friend’s dad is Ken Jeong. Others include Ronny Chieng and Remy Hii. Nick’s cousins called Eddie and Alistair consecutively.

The movie is about money and Rachel sees a lot of it thrown in the air and it’s the first time in her life to see such obscene wealth, a world full of materialism and a place where financial status is highly valued. The movie has some strong words and part scenes where drug use is implied. There is a lot of sexual content including kisses and sex though they are not shown but mostly suggested.

The plot

The main leads in the story are Rachel Chu, a Chinese born in America doing well in her career. Nick Young also teaches at the same college. In the book, the reader meets three famous and rich families, the Shangs, the T’siens and the Youngs. Nick belongs to the Young family, but Rachel is not aware. When she gets to Singapore, this is where the story begins. No one has prepared her on how to deal with Eleanor, Nick’s mother.

In conclusion, the producer of Crazy Rich Asians has done an amazing job. You can watch the movie at 123moviespower site. The author of the book was involved and has helped to shape the movie perfectly. It is very authentic and thrilling all throughout. The story is engaging while giving you some fun moments.


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