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Let teen artist Alex McArtor “touch” you with her mature vocals

Alex McArtor came to perform vocals, nothing less.

The video for ‘Touch’ is cinematic and moody. Alex explains, ‘Touch’ is about being alone in your own head and in a big city. It’s a deeply personal song filled with angst and self-reflection. I wanted to create a video that conveyed those things in an edgy, urban environment like Brooklyn and New York City.

It’s every day that I find myself telling artists to deliver their vocals in a believable theatric way, so they’ll catch the attention of new audiences. When artists listen and apply what works, they win. I am uncertain of who is in her corner, but they are doing well, in coaching the seventeen-year-old artist. Everything from how she showcases her vocal range to how she utilises her body language to tell a story. All of it is wondrous. Without further ado, check out the official video for Alex McArtor’s new record, ‘Touch’. The track comes from her EP entitled, ‘Spoken Word’.

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