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Abuja’s prominent rapper PsychoYP talks Wizkid, Travis Scott comparison, and new music (Interview)

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

It’s no secret that Afrobeats is quickly making a wave in the music scene yet, how often does this sound get incorporated with Hip-Hop? Listen to Nigerian Trap-Hip Hop artist PsychoYP to get a sample of this unique sound that he is flooding the airwaves within Africa. He turns it up a notch further with originality in new hits like ‘Long Way From Home’ and ‘Caro’ by incorporating his native tongue into his rhymes. Get to know this talented artist’s go-to meal, craziest life experiences, and what is to come for PsychoYP in this featured article.

Photos: Joey Oputa

GRUNGECAKE: So, the fans want to know, what is YP’s favourite food to eat and how do you stay fit?

PsychoYP: My real ones know I love chicken wings and chips. Easy vibes. And I stay fit by playing football, basketball and carrying the Trap/Hip-Hop game in Nigeria right now.

GRUNGECAKE: Since building your name up as an artist, what is the craziest thing that has happened to you?

When Wizkid hit me up. I don’t think any artist can forget that moment. It’s like Drake hitting you up.

GRUNGECAKE: I like that you mix Hip-Hop and Afrobeats sounds in your music. Before YP creates hits like ‘Long Way From Home’ and ‘Caro’, how do you get inspired?

I give mad props to my producers because it’s like, they know some beats are just gonna speak to me and they know I hardly write. I just let it flow out as naturally as possible.

GRUNGECAKE: What do you want the world to know about this new video/your new music?

I am about to shake the world with my new music. The world should expect music that transcends and puts my people on the map.

GRUNGECAKE: You bring something unique to the African music scene, yet I wonder, do you ever get compared to other artists, like Travis Scott? If so, which artists and how do you feel about it?

I get that a lot with Travis and maybe Nasty C, but honestly, when people hit me up like label execs and artists, it is because my music is crazy and different.

GRUNGECAKE: You have a lot of great features. Are there any American or European artists you would want to collaborate with? And why?

Yeah, Chip, Backroad Gee, Aitch, Wizkid, Lil Wayne, Justin Rarri, Drake, a lot.

GRUNGECAKE: Something tells me you are bringing more than vocals to the table. How do you see yourself growing in the music business in the next one to three years?

As it is, I engineer vocals for myself and some of my people at Apex Village. I just might start producing soon too 😂

Written by Manny King John

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