Benny the Butcher motivates fans to donate to Buffalo Mass Shooting survivors: Watch ‘Welcome to the States’

Photo: NME

He lived eight minutes away from the terrifying crime scene and shopped there.

Photo: NME

Yesterday, Buffalo’s musical champion Benny the Butcher released a music video dedicated to the ten African-American people murdered in his hometown on May 14 at a local supermarket called Tops. It was a violent and relentless act carried out with themes of racism and hatred against Black people.

From the start of the black-and-white visual collage, the Griselda Records rapper lays it out for anyone under a rock and reminds us that it was real, real people were affected by the evil act, and we need to think about protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Within the lines of the painstakingly written song, the gifted American storyteller spells out what happens in our communities across America due to race, his perspective of the United States as a new world-travelling entertainer, and how he may be viewed as a hypocrite—but the street rapper addresses any inevitable critique by stating that he knows the difference between gun violence regarding the streets and killing innocent people.

He aims to motivate his fans to support the victims of the mass shooting in Buffalo by raising funds. Benny the Butcher plans to donate 100% of the profits from the sales of his limited “Pray for Buffalo” t-shirts to the “Buffalo 5-14 Survivors Fund”.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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