Teen Ravine’s breakup track “Hall of Horrors” is relatable for some

“Pick up the phone. It’s been ringing for hours,” sings Teen Ravine on the tranquil track.

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Dream pop duo Teen Ravine makes a breakup track that mirrors painful realities.



t the core of it, it’s about whether a voice agrees with me, or how great of a mix you provide. Thus, Teen Ravine’s entire situation is appreciated and attractive. People have referred to the Toronto-based duo’s music as pop music for the bedroom, and I agree. As I listened to the single, for some reason, I couldn’t get Sade out of my mind. That’s neither here nor there, but I thought I should let it be known.

“Pick up the phone. It’s been ringing for hours,” sings Teen Ravine on the tranquil track.

Excuse me. Is this a thing outside of dealing with manic-controlling partners? Do normal-regular men call someone repeatedly for a response. Have you ever wasted precious hours, calling someone? Over and over? I haven’t, so I can’t relate. I bet it must be tiring to be a man. Especially after the cute chasing period ends and you’ve started to chase an individual who doesn’t want to be with you.

The band have shared the following statement about the track:

“We tried to capture the disoriented feeling of laying in bed drunk as the room spins. Waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are. Struggling to fall back asleep as your mind wanders to uncomfortable places… Zooming in too close and then out too far… Feeling lost and reaching out for someone who’s no longer there. We were both coming out of own intense and isolating experiences… Struggling to pick up the pieces, reconcile the past and move on. We want to make music that feels like you’re floating in a warm bath occasionally looking down at your weird naked body.”

Lastly, hear “Hall of Horrors” now below. The title of the song tells me that it is in fact, horrifying to deal with the end of a relationship. According to the email I received, one member of the group left a long-term relationship. The other spent a year confined to a dark room, as he recovered from a concussion. How relevant are the submissions I am receiving this season? I’ve felt lost, and have reached out to someone who is no longer there, too.

“Hall of Horrors” is from Teen Ravine’s forthcoming debut LP, which is out in October.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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