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Brooklyn artist Ricky Rikkardo talks ‘No Kap’, working with Jim Jones, and commitment (Interview)

He’s one of the rising artists putting New York Drill music on the map.

Photos: Jeffrey Deon Chambers for GRUNGECAKE

Brooklyn Drill music is taking over the music scene, and that is a fact. Ricky Rikkardo would be one of the leading artists putting New York Drill music on the map if you didn’t know. Get familiar with this talented artist’s sound, musical inspirations and experience working with Jim Jones in this featured article.

Photos: Jeffrey Deon Chambers for GRUNGECAKE

GRUNGECAKE: The fans want to get to know you, what does Ricky Rikkardo’s typical day look like?

Ricky Rikkardo: I wake up, pray, make sure my peoples are good. Then, [I’m] into creation mode. I always make sure I keep a vibe going while being progressive.

GRUNGECAKE: Can you tell us how it was growing up in NYC and how it has influenced your music?

Growing up in NYC was beautiful. It has its ups [and] downs, but the energy is unmatched. You get taught a lot, early, about life and different cultures. It toughens you up and prepares you for the real world.

GRUNGECAKE: I really like your new cover art for ‘No Kap’. Can you tell us about making the video and what made you go with the cool animation cover art design?

Thank you. I wanted to capture the video in a vlog type of vibe. Just everyday, in Ricky World, while on the come up. And I went the cartoon direction because I felt it was fun. Plus, I never did that before. So, it’s def[initely] dope to me.

GRUNGECAKE:Let’s get into your roots, when did you start rapping and what inspired you to make music?

I started rapping at 11. I started going to the studio at 17. My inspiration started when I found out I had a gift with words. I won a few poetry contests in Elementary. Ricky Rikkardo laughs. Then, seeing Roc-A-Fella Records, JAY Z, Rap City, the awards shows, music videos, and etc. I said to myself: That’s gonna be me. And Imma bring my family [and] niggas out with me!

GRUNGECAKE: Considering you’re pretty popular with the ladies, would you say it’s a good idea to be a artist and be in a committed relationship? What are your thoughts?

Yes, I would. That’s the goal. As long as the artist has financial security and is comfortable with “theirselves”, at that moment, and where they are in life. Other than that, an artist will always drift, until they can provide what they feel is expected.

GRUNGECAKE: Can you talk about your song ‘Mona Lisa’ with Jim Jones? How was it recording the song and making the video?

It was a key moment in my career to make a song with a legend and superstar like Capo. Def[initely] a blessing. I watched him record his verse, off the top, by walking around and punching in. He created a platform to record virtually, so it was def[initely] a unique experience! The video was epic! Go check it out now!

GRUNGECAKE: Can you share what Ricky Rikkardo has in store next? Are there any artists your looking forward to working with?

I have a lot of music and I’m dropping videos. Def[initely] some surprises for my listeners coming up!

GRUNGECAKE: The world is watching, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Yes, that I love y’all and I’m gonna keep my foot on necks! Imma put a video out every month! Keep telling ya friends and family about Ricky!

Written by Manny King John

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