Playboi Carti delivers ‘Whole Lotta Red’ album for Christmas

This Christmas morning, we wake up to a new Playboi Carti album that is long overdue. Before the release, he promised his fans an album. Today, they received what they wanted on the day of gift-giving. For the past couple of years, fans have expressed frustration the seemed like it would never come to an end. Mario Judah, an artist and Playboi Carti’s fan, even took his frustration out, as far as releasing a Carti “style” song and threatened to make the album himself if Playboi Carti did not deliver on his promises of the long-awaited project. The album comes with three very exciting features including Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Future.

Will the album live up to the years of hype and anticipation? Soon, we will know! As Carti might say, Merry SL!m3smas! Stream it below.


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