Hear South Africa’s Nasty C describe tremulous relationship in ‘Best I Ever Had’

If you’re a fan of an earlier Kanye West delivery and cadence, you might appreciate South African rapper Nasty C’s latest track.

Photo: Instagram

Nasty C, one of the most successful rappers from South Africa, is back with a monstrous new track titled ‘Best I Ever Had’. From the start of the song, he talks about his stubborn baddie girlfriend, who seems toxic due to her conditioning. According to his description, she is ghetto, has a lot of “lip”, suffers from trauma which makes her not believe what he says, and her skull is as thick as her backside.

With all of that detailed in the open, he states he can’t change his past, but he can give her his all now. Aside from the context of the rest of the song, I think it was one of the best lines I’ve heard in a Hip-Hop song. Whether it is a direct reflection of who he is in real life or not, some of us need to hear those words from our partners to feel comfortable. Transparency is key.

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