Liberia-based rapper Bucky Raw shares autobiographical series ‘The Story of Bucky’: Watch

Two months ago, Liberian-American rapper Bucky Raw released the cathartic visual for his record, which also helps us to get to know him a little better, ‘The Story of Bucky’.

Unfortunately, Bucky Raw didn’t have a fair shot at life starting from his childhood. According to the lyrics in the track, which he confirmed are based on his real-life, his mother left him at the age of four with his aunt in Liberia, like most families do when they come to America. He didn’t see his mother again until he was seven, and it affected him greatly. Soon after, he grew an affinity for the fast (illegal) life, leading to his temporary deportation.

The Liberia-based artist is working on new music and plans to continue his journey to put the West African country on the map. Until then, get to know him through the “four-part therapy session” below.

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