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Billie Eilish named most vocabulary-rich modern Pop star

Photo: Instagram

According to a new study, Billie Eilish has the largest vocabulary in modern Pop music.

Photo: Instagram

The new discoveries come after the singer’s sophomore album, ‘Happier Than Ever’, was released last week.

Operators for word search tools Wordtips looked at the vocabularies of Spotify’s most popular active artists, dubbed ‘modern pop stars’, by counting the words each artist used in their lyrics and calculating the amount of unique terms used per 1,000. With 169 unique words per 1000, Eilish tops the current pop chart, followed by Harry Styles with 159 and Lizzo with 158.

Wordtips also developed a list of the ‘greatest artists of all time’ vocabularies, with Patti Smith topping the list with 217 unique words per 1000. Joni Mitchell with 199, Björk with 197, and Jim Morrison with 177 are among the finest musical lyricists.

Written by Manny King John

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