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GRAMMY® Contender Matt B’s new album ‘Eden’ shows range, complements today’s R&B

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

For quite some time, singer-songwriter Matt B found his niche within the market overseas with his debut project ‘Love and War’ back in 2014 and his sophomore album, ‘Dive’. Both albums received positive reviews and performed exceptionally well, in physical copies, being sold. While fine-tuning his craft, the Chicagoan returns with his latest project, ‘Eden’. While being in the R&B scene for quite some time, ‘Eden’ is Matt B’s official debut within the Western market. Coming in with eleven tracks, ‘Eden’ shows Matt B’s range, and complements the modern style of R&B today. Songs like ‘Saucy’, ‘Go Hard’ and ‘Quarterback’ displays Matt B’s energy on high-tempo productions. Still staying in form, other songs later on in the album have more of a subtle and smooth vibe, and Matt did a solid job with sharing his emotions in songs like, ‘I Spoiled You’ and ‘I Love You’. For this to be a debut in a new market, it’s a strong start. Be sure to check out ‘Eden’ below.


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