Boston artist Kam’Geez talks big money in ‘Nothing Like It’: Watch the visual

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

I think Kam’Geez is onto something.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

If you are a true GRUNGECAKER, you may remember Hip-Hop artist Kam’Geez from the 2018 ‘The Ceremony‘ music showcase lineup hosted by GRUNGECAKE. Since then, Boston artist Kam’Geez has been consistently creating music to motivate the inner hustler in you. The High-End Huster himself is working hard to put his team, ‘GYB’ (Gorgeous Young Bastard), on, recognised for their hard work ethic and ambition. GYB may sound vulgar, but it gives Migos YRN vibes. I always say, ‘without a plan, you plan to fail,’ and Kam’Geez couldn’t have said it better in his new single, ‘Nothing Like It’. Stay tuned for his forthcoming project, ‘Charge It to the Game’.

Written by Manny King John

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