Denver artist Jaiel shares Doo-Wop themed video for ‘Sunshine Lovin’: Watch

Denver’s R&B/Pop singer Jaiel released ‘Sunshine Lovin’ from her 2022 EP, ‘The Magical World of Black Girlhood’. ‘Sunshine Lovin’ is a super catchy, upbeat Summertime song that will have everyone swinging their hips and snapping their fingers. As a girlie girl, I instantly fell in love with Jaiel’s super cute video, with the pops of bright colours, like yellow, pink and blue, the Doo-Wop theme and big polka dots; I couldn’t get enough. Listen to the entire EP, ‘The Magical World of Black Girlhood’ after watching Jaeil in ‘Sunshine Lovin’, who also resembles one of my favourite singers, Tweet.

Written by Manny King John

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