The best streaming device to choose in 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and people were advised to quarantine and stay indoors, online streaming became the most preferred method of entertainment. As of October 2021, online streaming has risen within the ranks to become a vast industry. Streaming services have seen an upsurge in subscription, and Netflix tops the list with over 200 million subscribers and raking up to $19 billion annually. YouTube alone has over 30 million users streaming its content daily. It is estimated that a single person has an average of four subscriptions with streaming services ranging from movies, music to sports.

With the increase in popularity of online streaming, streaming devices have become an integral part of providing the best streaming experience. The most popular devices are smart TVs at 30.8% in the US, mobile and Roku devices constitute 30.6%. Others topping the list are Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, and Apple TVs. With these devices, users can take advantage of the Zodiac casino login NZ page and get real value for their subscription money.

When it comes to choosing the best streaming device, there is a vast pool to choose from. So, are you interested in learning about the best streaming devices available on the market today? Stay with me.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku is always at the forefront of streaming, and the Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the number one streaming device on our list. It comes equipped with all the Apps on the Roku Channel Store, meaning users will always find their favourite forms of entertainment with it. The device has a slim, sleek design and sells cheap at $35. The stick has outstanding features that other devices of similar prices can’t match. It is also highly portable since it weighs a measly 0.7 ounces.

This streamer supports Dolby Atmos audios. It also has a user-friendly interface streaming 4K HDR videos. In addition, it requires no Ethernet as it is Wi-Fi enabled. The only catch to using the Roku Streaming Stick Plus has a TV with either a USB port or an HDMI port. Though it was launched in 2017, it has kept up with up-to-date software upgrades. The Roku app is essential in its features, which give users access to free streaming on the Roku Channel.

Chromecast With Google TV

This device is among the top-notch Chromecast streaming devices. It boasts of an OS supporting 6,500+ TV apps. It has HDMI and USB ports and supports the video formats HDR 10, HDR 10+, and Dolby Vision. In addition, it supports the audio formats of Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus. The Chromecast with Google TV has a superb interface with a well-thought-out layout and retails for $50, making it more accessible than its predecessor, Chromecast Ultra. This device also comes with a remote control.
So far, Chromecast with Google TV is the best streaming device for YouTube TV. For YouTube subscribers, this streamer comes with Google TV Live Tab, which users can click and gain access to all that YouTube TV has to offer. In addition, this device also supports the Google Stadia cloud, which is an alluring gaming platform for avid gamers.

Roku Express 4K Plus

This device is by far the best 4K streaming device in 2021. It comes with an excellent, fast, and well-equipped interface that is easy to navigate and gives the best 4K UHD and HDR experience. It is also among the cheapest streaming devices selling at a meagre $39.99. The Roku Express 4K+ also supports a wide array of TV apps that enhance the user streaming experience. In addition, this device is accompanied by a voice-enabled remote.
The Roku Express 4k+ comes with an AirPlay upgrade that allows users to connect it to Apple gadgets. In addition, it has Dolby Atmos for videos. The Roku app in the Express 4K Plus comes with a fantastic remote-control feature that a person can use without touching the actual remote. Although not as tiny as the Roku Stick Plus, it can still be set up very quickly.

Apple TV 4K (2021)

For Apple products lovers, the Apple TV 4K is your go-to streaming device. Currently, it is retailing at $179. This device is big on the Apple Arcade, a gaming platform that users can enjoy and earn free pokies. This device supports thousands of apps and can be used by multiple users. It comes with an excellent Siri remote, a superb design, and weighs 15 ounces. It has an inbuilt A12 Bionic processor that enhances speed and overall performance.

The device comes with a 60Hz Dolby Vision for videos. It also supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, and HDR 10. It has an HDMI 2.1 and HDMI eARC ports. AirPlay is available in the Apple TV 4K, and it gives users the ability to connect to both iPads and iPhones. Another critical feature exclusive to this streaming device is the Apple Fitness+, enabling streamers to keep fit by routinely exercising. Generally, the Apple TV 4K is a solid streaming device, with the only downside being its steep price. Nevertheless, it is by far the best iOS streaming device.

Nvidia Shield TV

It is a relatively medium-built streaming device weighing around 4.8 ounces. It supports over 5,000 channels and gives the best game streams from its 4K UHD videos. The Nvidia Shield TV comes with a remote that can be used easily, even in darkness, since it glows when it is picked up. This streaming device retails at $150. Users may tend to shy away from it due to its price since some of its peers on the market, like the Roku devices, offer similar services but with far lower fees. Nonetheless, it is a suitable streaming device.
It also supports both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 content. The primary specification that sets the Nvidia shield TV from other streaming devices is its AI upscaling feature. This feature streamlines even the worst of footage to make it look better. It means that a user can stream a vintage movie, and this feature will sharpen the images to make the film appear as if it is shot with a high-end 4K video camera.


Online streaming is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime. However, this is not the case, as many users aren’t aware of the best streaming devices that enable the best streaming experience. There are numerous streaming devices available on the market, and one may be unsure of which suits their streaming needs. For the best online streaming, the devices mentioned above are among the best users can hope for. Regarding price, workability, portability, and users’ experience, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the best option.

Written by Manny King John

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