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North Carolina’s Tino Szn announces new project ‘Sentient’

Juggling school and a music career isn’t a walk in the park, but he does it well.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

Tino Szn—considered one of the most exciting new artists with a sound that could contend with the majors—is getting ready to release a new project called ‘Sentient’ this Friday. It is an awesome follow-up to the seventeen-year-old’s release from ‘4 Seasons’ last year. If you haven’t heard any of the three singles from the North Carolina-based artist’s forthcoming project, I’d suggest checking out ‘Zetsu’, ‘Vetements Coat’ and ‘Crash the Party’ below.

Tino Szn’s collaboration titled ‘VICE’ featuring $NOT hit the official Spotify editorial playlists ‘Most Necessary’ and ‘Internet People’. Check out the official track listing for his upcoming release below.

1. Vetements Coat (JermJuice)
2. Drowning Out (Tino Szn)
3. Danny Phantom (Lucca)
4. Right Here (Joshwa)
5. On and On (Tino Szn)
6. JLO / YZY (Vintage & JustDaniel)
7. Living Sentient (Vintage, Litothedon, & Synthetic)
8. 2DOPE (Sora, Lodoni, Klimax)
9. Communicate (Kas & ANH)
10. Triple Option (Lucca)
11. Demon in the DM (Cade Gilmore, Juko, Spxce & Macshooter)
12. Rick Owens Sweater (Klimax, GTTC & Tblossom)
13. Zetsu (Bypxr, 116, Jayrewind)
14. Crash The Party (Lucca)
15. Right Time (Fecony, Yeezo, & Luciid)

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