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Watch Nigerian-American artist Teemanay’s video for Summer anthem ‘Wine Am’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Young iconic Nigerian artist Teemanay might have convinced me that Mondays are not so manic, after all, with his latest hit single and video, ‘Wine Am’. You can’t help but move your shoulders or beat your feet to the rhythm as Teemanay’s voice and lyrics serenade you into a productive week. While watching the private island-inspired video emits the Summer feeling, I felt like I was on the yacht with TeeManay and the other five beautiful girls of all shades! The natural beauty of the ladies takes you back to the 90s when things were super wild! The ‘Wine Am’ video, by far, has one of the best uses of a drone that I have seen in a music video.

‘Wine Am’ is sure to take over 2022, and Teemanay’s recent GRAMMY red carpet appearance is proof that the young icon is catching the eye of the public. Please excuse me while I sip my wine and practice my whine, if you will.

Written by Manny King John

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