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Takeez is unfiltered and conscious on his latest track ‘Patriot Games’

While I have a deep appreciation for catchy melodies and hooks, nothing will ever beat substance in Hip Hop. Rap has always been use to sonically deliver messages and tap into the brains of consumers. Oklahoma lyricist, does exactly that with his eerie tune, ‘Patriot Games’. In an interview with Swoknews, Takeez Meals claims that, “‘Patriot Games’ conceptualizes the anger of a Black man in America dealing with overt racism during the deplorable years of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

We been chillin for about 400 years, like we can’t rage against the machine
And break 400 gears
Like we can’t *gun cock* and bring 400 tears
All fun and games till we switch gears

It’s no surprise with the recent protests, killings and evidence resurfacing of the FBI’s role in the murder of our Black leaders, that artist are using their voice to rebuke and take opposition against our government. Good on you, Takeez. We need more of this.


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