Listen to Japanese producer Kumi Takahara’s latest single ‘Ditty’

Photo: Instagram

If you’ve been through a few rough days like me, you know how powerful the right song could be. If you find it, the correct record could alter your perspective on life. Today, ‘Ditty’ by Japanese producer Kumi Takahara is the one for me. It comes from her new LP, ‘See-Through’, set to come out next week on FLAU.

Some interesting details about Kumi include how she recorded music back in 2016. According to the story told, she went to the bathroom of her Tokyo apartment, used bath towels as “sound-absorbing equipment”. She also set up a microphone above the sink and balanced her laptop on her washing machine. The result of those sessions brought forth the demos for her forthcoming album ‘See-Through’.

Check out the latest single below.

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