Watch J Balvin’s warm visual for his VEVO Live performance of single ‘Amarillo’

Reggaeton artist J Balvin’s latest addition to his VEVO concert series is his exciting live performance of his single ‘Amarillo’.

This performance is one of four to come in conjunction with VEVO, all off of his sixth studio album ‘Colores’. Each song of the album is named after a color, and the accompanying live performance will be filled with stunning visuals of the color as J Balvin performs. The concept was built in collaboration with Catalan artist Sergi Arbusa.

Balvin says of the series:

I’m so grateful that the team at Vevo helped me bring songs from my new album Colores to life. I take the visual presentation of my music very seriously, so it was great to work with a team of creators that hold their work to the same standard. Being able to share this special performance with you means everything to me since I can’t perform for you in person right now!


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