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New Music Sundays: 10 new artists you should know featuring Asoh Black! and JSPH

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Prince Wiser, Chris Patrick, and Samad Savage – Evangelion (Submission)

Prince Wiser, Chris Patrick, and Samad Savage join forces on this hard-hitting track. Each verse starts with rapid-fire punches and slows down without taking the foot off our neck. The intensity of this track leaves you in awe as the song builds, wondering if you’re ready for the following verse. Each artist complements each other on this high powered release and gives us an appropriate showcase of their talents. We hope this isn’t their last collaboration!

Neak and Since9ine6ix – AbstracT (Submission)

Listening to Neak and Since9ine6ix’s collaboration, ‘Abstract’ transports us to the 90s almost immediately. From the beat to the flow, we get a nostalgic feel that has you legitimately wondering if this song is new or if you’ve heard it before in your youth. The lyrics are intense and woke, not worried about ruffling any feathers at all. The rappers discuss the stigmas that come with being Black. You can tell that Neak and Since9ine6ix are way ahead of their time and class based on their stylistic choices made on this track.

Asoh Black! – AP Watch (Submission)

Asoh Black’s originality and sound are refreshing and perfect for your playlists. His flow in his track ‘AP Watch’ is fun and so different that you can’t stop listening. He talks about blowing up and his plans to buy himself a nice watch and his mom a house, something that we all can relate to. A YouTube commenter referred to him as a “hidden gem” and I couldn’t agree more! Fans will definitely enjoy the style that Asoh Black brings to the game.

JSPH – Time in LA (Submission)

Capping off your playlist needs to be JSPH’s ‘Time in LA’. The beat and his voice are both hypnotic and can ease you back into the work week. He talks about needing to find himself and ground himself in reality, something most casual listeners will understand. The track is motivating, reminding us to keep ourselves on track and get to the bag. He keeps it too real about not being grounded, a reality check we all need as we head into the work week.

Coma Tek – War God (Hami Remix)

The soldier sees beauty only in the blood of his enemy.

Anyone ever read anything as deep as this? Well, Coma Tek’s remake of the Hami original doesn’t stir away from the full-on Dub soundscape, but gives it another dimension of “cool”. It is an incredible rendition of the juggernaut sound. Listen to the explosive track below. (Richardine Bartee)

My Ugly Clementine – Try Me (Submission)

After a good turn-up, we’re always looking for a way to quench the flame in us, momentarily. ‘Try Me’ by Austrian band My Ugly Clementine should help you get there. Released last month, the band refers to the record as “as unusual Valentine’s song that was a gift to itself on [its] first birthday”. The Post-Punk outfit delivered a song about loving yourself before anyone else, opening up and communicating to remain your self and still giving everything you can and want for a person you love. It’s deep. The single is from their album ‘Vitamin C’, which comes out March 20. We’re into it. (Richardine Bartee)

Arkells – Years In The Making (Submission)

Canadian fun band Arkells share the colourful visual for the high-energy track ‘Years In The Making’. If you haven’t heard a great hook in a while about working hard towards something, the JUNO-Award winning band will do it for you. We all need motivation and inspiration from time to time. There’s positivity in their message; I love that. Check out the well-made music video below by one of Canada’s most in-demand live acts. (Richardine Bartee)

Mannequin Online – I Do (Submission)

We wrote ‘I Do’ to encompass the late-night rush of escaping a crowded bar or party to be alone with someone you’re extremely interested in. It also doubles as an anthem for when you’re starving, waiting for takeout food, and can physically see the restaurant taking their time preparing your order. Either way, we hope listeners find ‘I Do’ to be a soundtrack worthy addition to their late-night drives and/or questionable evenings on the town as we intended for it to be.

If you’re looking for a song that seems to be suited for warmer weather, ‘I Do’ by Mannequin Online needs a place on your weekend playlist. Stream the Electro-Pop track by the Los Angeles-based duo below. It’s a feel-good record. (Richardine Bartee)

Mae Muller – Therapist (Submission)

How authentic are you when you’re in relationships? Would you be able to be with someone like Mae Muller, who keeps it frank with their assessment of you? How would hearing that you need a therapist change you? Would you listen? If it meant to keep her in your life?

On the flip side of that, if you were Mae Muller how much would you be able to take before you exit the “one-way” relationship? There’s only so much one person can take of giving to not get anything back in a union. Written by Mae Muller herself, David Pramik (Bebe Rexha/Machine Gun Kelly) and Caroline Ali (Dua Lipa/Ella Mai), the relatable record purveys her honesty. It’s admirable. (Richardine Bartee)

Airospace – The Pleasure Is All Mine (Submission)

If you love Hip-Hop, in the traditional sense, or lyricism, it will be easier for you to appreciate this one. Delivering his vocals like famed underground rapper Aesop Rock, newcomer Airospace shares ‘The Pleasure is All Mine, a short composition about how his city raised him. One of the lines about someone not wanting to be with you until you’re busy, resonating with me, so that’s what made me get in tune. Listen to the Southeast DC rapper’s latest track below. (Richardine Bartee)

Solarrio and Niniola – On My Mind (Submission) (Bonus)

We had a hard time selecting this one because we felt Niniola’s vocals outshines Solarrio’s, but opting out to support the Nigerian vocalist wasn’t fair to us. The French recording artist didn’t record his part in a way that displays mastery, but the lyrics he sings—flatly—are lovely. Flowing like a fluttering butterfly over the World Music production, the famous singer lends her warm vocals in English and Yoruba. If you’re in love or plan to be in the future, we feel the wording of the record ‘On My Mind’ suits said moment. Listen to the track, now, below. (Richardine Bartee)

Written by Manny King John


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