Nigeria’s 1da Banton bags new anthem with ‘Summer Love’: Watch the visual

A raving oscillating bass introduces us to 1da Banton’s brand new ‘Summer Love’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Clad in a floral Summer suit, the Nigerian sensation 1da Banton makes his way over a wooden bridge. An intimate beach party is underway. He casually shows off his ability to create Afrobeats anthems while enjoying the company of a beautiful goddess. Occasionally, a catchy choral ensemble dishes out eargasm during the repetitive chorus. It is safe to say that this is a perfect follow-up to his recent hit record ‘No Wahala’.

Written by Mufaro "Forbes" Mujuru

I am passionate about African music, the business, and expanding markets behind it. I write bits about it on GRUNGECAKE. I am also the founder of Big Soko Music Group Ltd and the head behind Commune Curate.

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