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Bronx rapper Connie Diiamond talks Trinidadian roots, paying homage to Missy Elliott, and working with Kevin Liles (Interview)

The rapper’s rapper.

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Connie Diiamond, recently featured on Kevin Liles’ ‘300 UNPLUGGED’ with recognition by REVOLT TV and Okayplayer, to name a few, is no lightweight and can back up her reputation with heavy punchlines and strong delivery. Please get familiar with this Bronx beauty’s music career, as a female in a male-dominated industry, her life growing up in the Boogie Down Bronx, and her creative mind in this article.

Photos: Courtesy of the artist

GRUNGECAKE: You are so gorgeous! Can you talk about your parents? Where are they from?

Connie Diiamond: Thank you! My mom is African-American and her family is from the South and my biological dad is Trinidadian. Most of father’s family resides now in Virginia.

GRUNGECAKE: I know The Bronx is known for being the Mecca and origins of Hip-Hop. How was life growing up in the Bronx?

I grew up in the both The Bronx and Queens. Queens kind of snapped my childhood and most of my adulthood was spent from the Bronx.

GRUNGECAKE: For those that do not know, how would you describe your sound?

Always gritty, trappy with a dash of hood.

GRUNGECAKE: I love the way you paid respect to Missy Elliott. What inspired this creativity?

My first project was ‘Trap Elliot’ and I didn’t really pay much homage, visually, to her and I kind of regretted that, so I tried to make sure I did with ‘Trap Elliot 2’ and ‘Trap Elliot 2.0’. I wanted to make sure I got it right this time.

GRUNGECAKE: The ‘Cowabunga’ video looks so much fun. How was it? Can you tell us about making the video?

The concept was short and sweet! I was coming back from a music break and I just wanted to have fun with this particular video. I grabbed my friends, some Super Soaker water guns and hit the street.

GRUNGECAKE: Being an attractive and talented artist in a male-dominated industry, what are some of the things you’ve experienced?

I just try to focus on keeping up with what’s new, so I can continue to provide my fans and everyone else with a good new vibe. I haven’t had much of a bad experience with it being a male dominated industry I always seem to fit right in. I’ve been the only female in male rap crews, the only female artist on sold out shows, and in rap battles… I’ve never shied away, and step to [the] plate… I can go toe-toe with anyone—no matter their gender.

GRUNGECAKE: If you had a dream producer you would like to work with, who would it be?

My dream producer would be Timbaland, London On Da Track, and Tay Keith.

GRUNGECAKE: It’s no secret that you are a hot commodity. How do you feel being recognized as next up by so many, including Kevin Liles? How was it making your 300 UNPLUGGED session?

The 300 experience ended up being a walk in the park. I spoke it into existence. I was already planning with my manager for some kind of acoustic performance and maybe two weeks later, that opportunity fell into my lap. It was my first time working with musicians in that capacity. We had rehearsed a couple of times before the performance, and it was a different experience working that way, but I was able to get my vision and sound across, and I look forward to working with other musicians. I’m so grateful to be featured in a platform represented with someone as big as Kevin Liles.

GRUNGECAKE: What can your fans expect from you next? Anything you want to tell them?

New music dropping this Summer—working with a lot of different artists across the globe, and teaming with a lot female artists.

Written by Manny King John

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