Here’s a track by track review of California rising star Convolk’s emotive new album ‘ANTIHERO’

This album will be therapy to many listeners, letting everyone know that they are not alone in whatever hardships they are facing, regardless of the extremity.

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There are a lot of things that do not currently make sense in the world we are living in. One thing that I can confidently say does make sense is that Convolk is about to become a household name. ‘ANTIHERO’ is everything my younger, emotional, self needed. Dealing with depression and many more issues, I know that this album would have helped me in so many ways. In recent years, we have tragically lost some of the important artists that tapped into the mainstream with similar styles and messages that Convolk presents. There is often a question in the music world that goes something like this “We lost Lil Peep, we lost X, and we lost JuiceWRLD. Who do we have left to represent the young adults of the world?” and the answer is Convolk is what we still have. Despite bringing Convolk up in conversation with those other artists, respectfully, with this album, he separates himself with a sound and production quality that can only be described as “CONVOLK”.

The album starts with ‘swear to god’, a well-produced song in which Convolk gives a genuine introduction to himself and where he has been mentally and emotionally as an artist. The difference between an album and other types of projects (EPs, mixtapes, etc…) is the idea that everything works together to create a full story or message that the artist is trying to give to listeners. The track works perfectly for the first song, working similarly to the way that a well-written introduction chapter helps give readers an idea of what they are about to indulge in if they chose to continue reading. Convolk understands that concept and lets ‘swear to god’ be the track to grasp listeners and make them want to listen to the eighteen-minute long album.

Track 2, ‘black sheep’ is a song that is going to help anyone who feels like they have ever been the “black sheep” in any situation. The song at times makes me cringe and that is not a bad thing. As a twenty-two-year-old man, I feel the need to cringe when I am singing along with “I’m the black sheep. I go BAH BAH BAH…” But, is that going to stop me from singing along, listening and relating to the track? Absolutely not!

Track 3, ‘beaten down geranium molle’ has me sitting here after listening, with the hook stuck in my head. What the fuck even is “geranium molle”? Well, I looked it up and it’s a plant that is also known as the Dovesfoot Geranium. Convolk is an artist who often refers to himself as a “Lone Wolf” or a Swan in “Swan Dive” (a song from another Convolk album). So, it would make sense if he is referring to himself as a plant that is getting “beaten down”. Just a nice plant dealing with whatever shit is thrown it is way… Or maybe I am over-analyzing the song. Regardless, this is a great song that anyone will be able to listen to and sing along to.

Track 4, ‘backstab slash’ is a hit, plain, simple. This song is another strong track that people will easily throw into their constant listen rotation. New fans, old fans, and anyone in-between will genuinely enjoy this song. It is very consumer-friendly while still being “Convolk” not compromising what is genuine to Convolk’s sound and style.

Track 5, ‘medicine’ jumps into the question of whether or not “you”, whoever “you” is to Convolk, will care if he died. We have all been in a mental state where we do ask what our value is to the world, those around us or even one specific person. We find comfort in those things, they become our “medicine” when we can’t take literal “medicine” to fix the way we feel. Convolk also has a literal and genuine approach to the concepts “medicine” presents. The artist has always been consistent with being open to his fan base about his personal life and his very serious health issues. Usually, songs that talk about someone or something being their “medicine” or emotionally healing them come off corny. Listeners can usually filter through the bullshit and stamp the song with the fact that it is not genuine. That doesn’t happen with this track, the production, the message and the vocal delivery of this song tell us that Convolk is genuine… This song comes from a real place.

Track 6, ‘arson kurapika’ is some shit one would dedicate to their girlfriend and their girlfriend might cry thinking about them dying. Death is a scary concept that everyone has feared at one point or another. This song touches on what calms that anxiety, which is dying by someone’s side and knowing you matter to someone. Convolk delivers an appropriate vocal display over a beat that strikes a warm nostalgic feeling in me based on my video gaming youth.

The album closes with ‘crumbling/suicide notes [prod. farber]’. The song is the perfect ending to the seven-track album. Convolk is letting himself be fully vulnerable and open to his fans about the true feelings that he has had. Again. So many of us relate to the things he is feeling in this song and has been through what he is going through. What separates this song from many songs is that it is very upbeat for a track that is talking about him wanting to kill himself. It reminded me of the first time I listened to ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People and for many people that song does this thing where you listen for the first time, it is a happy experience and then you listen to the lyrics thoroughly after a friend tells you the meaning. ‘crumbling/suicide notes [prod. farber]’ is such a very well done song, beginning to end. The perfect album ender for ‘ANTIHERO’.

Every song on this seven-track album is a masterpiece, tastefully touching on the issues that so many of us can relate to and often, we refrain from openly speaking upon them. This album will be therapy to many listeners, letting everyone know that they are not alone in whatever hardships they are facing, regardless of the extremity. The project truly is a piece of art taken directly from Convolk’s personal feelings and emotions. There are so many times other artists try to layout similar messages, but, always make me feel like ripping hair out of my head and ending my shit because some artists who doesn’t care about anything ,but streams and notoriety is telling me not to kill myself again because they want to go viral for being morally aligned or some shit. This album is genuine, valid, tasteful, well fucking done and will help so many people facing real-life issues.

Written by Manny King John

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