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Canadian singer-songwriter Gary Beals shares experiences of lost love on latest release ‘Me For Me’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

To find a love that understands, accepts and chooses you as you are, is a rare experience. However, the lack of that love is what drives the message of this song. With the release of ‘Me For Me’ by Canadian artist Gary Beals, he presents a vulnerable expression of a love marred by the perception of what is expected by his lover, as opposed to the honest, naked him.

On this track, he utilized his vocal ability to provide a feel that matched the content of the song. His vocal performance, on this record, left little room to ask for much more because it is that good! Fans of R&B, that comes from a honest place, filled with soul should definitely give an ear to Gary Beals! Take a listen to ‘Me For Me’ by Gary Beals above.


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