Gifted storyteller Dante Rapper opens up about his emotional detachment on ‘when i’m with you (numb)’: Listen

Distant and detached are just a few words that can describe Dante Rapper on ‘when i’m with you (numb)’. He raps about his emotional detachment, though in the presence of his person. The song is filled with openness about the numbness he feels, the lack of emotion that he is willing to pour out to her. The song also has samples of the late comedian, George Carlin, which starts the record adding an element of dark humor to the darkness of the track.

Though trying to express the way he feels, listeners can feel the reserve and the numbness that Dante exudes from his performance. Although he himself is numb and detached, he is making the effort to be a light in the subject’s nightmare, while hoping that she sees the brokenness that he has. This song is relatable for many, and gets personal, giving a little insight into the feelings of Dante Rapper.


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