Brooklyn’s multi-faceted artist LATASHÁ spits and sings flawlessly over BNGRS’ eruptive production: Hear ‘Big City’

On the firecracker production by BNGRS, Brooklyn-bred rising star LATASHÁ spews gutter bars about keeping it “718” and “stacking up the bundles”. Acknowledging that the “real ones” will always do what they have to do to stay afloat, LATASHÁ speaks candidly about metropolis lifestyles. If you’re from a big city like The Big Apple, you know its hustle and bustle structure creates unmatched energy, which either creates dreamers, winners or abundant unfortunate circumstances. How is one supposed to overcome inherent adversaries? There are two suggestions: Either you figure it out and act fast, or you will fold like a t-shirt. In these types of environments, there’s little time for “Ls”. You learn to count your losses and lessons and keep going. ‘Big City’ couldn’t more “on time” than it is.

In closing, according to the information we received, the track will appear on the Boomerang Network on April 1. We’re stanning. Before you go, last week, LATASHÁ released a powerful visual for her previous release titled, ‘WHO I AM’. Don’t forget to watch the incredible music video via this link.

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