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Play this Apashe record ‘Insane’ featuring Tech N9ne more than once

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When this song first came across my desk I thought, “Do I even really want to listen to a Tech N9ne song?” I mean, don’t get me wrong he can rap really really good, but sometimes, his topics can be a little ehh. But because this had Tech on it, I gave it a listen and oh boy can Tech rap! The way his cadence matches the beat is flawless. Apashe perfectly matches the artist’s energy, as he masterfully maneuvers his way through the beat. Just when you think the song is over, Apashe hits you with a drop and beat that makes your head nod so hard, you may get whiplash! Check out the song Insane by Apashe featuring Tech N9ne. Go mosh or something.


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