Are you a new artist looking to push your music? Want to stay busy and promote your new song this year? Scroll down for the details on how to get started.

Who qualifies?

• Artists, engineers, producers, musicians songwriters, independent labels and alike
All genres
No geographical disadvantages
• New and established artists
Your follower count doesn’t matter
• Your music needs to be marketable and competitive
Quality and format matter for commercial promotion

What do you get, if accepted?

(Acceptance comes from DJs)
• Record pool inclusion
• Song Registration
If you need your song registered, hire us to assist you.
• Social media promotion
We will post what we secure for you to our social media pages

What do we do?

• Brand consulting
• Email outreach to media (global)
• Representation

How much does it cost?

Please send us an email (assistant[@]grungecake[.]com) to discuss your budget per single.

Are you unsure if your music is marketable or competitive?

That’s okay. We can do a quality-check over the phone or on Zoom.
$50, if you decide to hire us to market your song, we will deduct the $50 from your total.

How long?

One quarter.