7@7: An evening playlist featuring Zuffalo and Moon Loves Honey

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of COBRAH, Alex Cuba, Model Citizen, and more.


Zuffalo – Any Given Speed (Submission)

How often do you hear a “church organ” play in a song? If I had to answer, I’d say at church and whenever I turn on Napoleon Dynamite to fill the empty moments of my evenings. Zuffalo, yes like buffalo, just released a groovy-funky number called, ‘Any Given Speed’ that’ll give you the motivation you need to start on that thing you’ve been sitting on for a long time. It’s catchy for sure, so add it to the playlists you turn on after dinner.

COBRAH – GLUE (Submission)

Glue, to me, seems to be a tool frequented in your adolescence, so when I heard the child-like vocals from COBRAH’s incredible track of the same name, it made me think about the moment that I began to listen to music—unlike any other children my age. It’s incredible how a song can make you travel to a time that no longer exists.

As far as the art project goes, COBRAH came together in November of last year. Ever since her premiere with PAPER Magazine, her life hasn’t been the same. Creating in a minimal yet avant-garde style is what pulls the eye, making you wonder where she gets her inspiration. Watch the official video for ‘Glue’ below. It gives me outlandish Indie Rock/EDM vibes.

Alex Cuba – Dividido featuring Silvana Estrada (Submission)

Have you ever danced the night away with your sweetheart in the middle of a wooden dancefloor? Canadian-Cuban singer Alex Cuba’s ‘Dividido’ featuring Silvana Estrada takes me there, to that moment. Everything is alright in the world. There are bottles of red and white wine on the dinner table. We aren’t stuffed. Our smiles are genuine. There are no worries bigger than the moment we’re sharing.

Alex Cuba’s new album is set to come out in September of this year. In the meantime, watch the official video for ‘Dividido’ below.

morgxn – holy water (Submission)

When I think about the time between evening and twilight, I imagine music that sounds like morgxn’s ‘holy water’ playing in the background. In my mind, it’s the type of record that plays well in your car speakers as you drive through an area with lots of pine trees and fresh air!

Model Citizen – Magic Trick (Submission)

Everything about ‘Magic Trick’ screams good times, eighties nostalgia, and takes on a sociopolitical role that you don’t hear much in music by artists who do not identify as African-American, Black, or Electro Pop singers for that matter. The eighteen-member band is incredible in that way. There isn’t one thing I’d change about Model Citizen’s provocative pop.

The Holy Gasp – The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex (Submission)

I am unsure of anyone’s time, so I wouldn’t want you to guess where the song begins, but The Holy Gasp recorded the behind-the-scenes action of what it takes to put on a show and perform ‘The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex’ in concert. The song begins at 5:11 or so. It’s beautiful. I enjoy how free, experimental, passionate, and expressive the lead vocalist is. I’d want to wind down; watch them at a concert venue and have dinner.

Moon Loves Honey – Oceanbird (Submission)

‘Oceanride’ is what it sounds like, a car ride to the ocean. The feeling you get when you’re “riding the waves” at the Dorney Park Wave Pool. Aquatic in sound, synonymous with what we’ve learned to categorise as “water music”, Moon Loves Honey shares their latest track. Dreamy as hell, their third single is “a tribute to the Danish seaside and about finding a sort of liberation in loneliness.” It’s right up my alley!

FKA twigs – Cellophane (Submission) (Bonus)

Majestic multihyphenated artist FKA twigs recently shared the official visual for ‘Cellophane’. With sharp choreography, the British artist who recently peaked after a health scare is back with the official video to her song, ‘Cellophane’. Pole dancing is mainstream without a doubt. She brings another layer of beauty to the artform. You have to watch it. Watch the mesmerising visual for her latest below.



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