New York rapper-producer Zoo Beeze shares ’30 for 30 the Story of Nate Escove’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The grittiness of a New York rapper will always hold its place in the art of Hip-Hop. Coming straight out of Bronx, New York is the skillful lyricist, Zoo Beeze, stepping in that arena with his EP ‘30 for 30 the Nate Escove Story’. The project shares the story of Nate Escove, as he makes his way through the streets, eventually coming to a place of finding himself. Zoo Beeze’s choice for production shows his keen detail to instrumentation, which also helps set the back drop for the stories of the evolution of Nate Escove. Al Doe also contributes to this project, joining in on the final track ‘Love’, with his edgy sound, complimenting Zoo Beeze’s style and the story being depicted.

This project is a soundtrack to the life of many who may have come from the ground up. Check out Zoo Beeze’s latest EP, ‘30 for 30 the Nate Escove Story’ below.


Written by Manny King John

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