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British-Nigerian singer Zion shares visual for ‘Her, Her & You’

Check on a monogamist.


Photo: Courtesy of the label

Is it us or does the year come alive when it is Valentine’s Day? In his brutally honest track—depending on who is listening—Zion talks about his desire of wanting more than one woman. Based on pop culture and what we’ve all probably witnessed in our lives, most men feel this way. I don’t know about you, but as a woman who often dates men, I respect and admire when people live in their truth—and share it with you. So, Zion, if you know you cannot be committed to anyone right now, don’t. You’ll save a lot of tears and broken hearts.

I remember being in the mind-frame of wanting three women because they offered three very different things to me, it’s such a relatable topic I had to put it in a song. ‘Her, Her & You’ is [definitely] one of my favourite records so far, it’s the second track I have made with Fanatix and how everything came together was dope and phenomenal.

Check out the nineteen-year-old British-Nigerian singer’s new video below.

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